Ethical Standards and Complaints

As a member of the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies I am bound by the Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics which can be accessed on the BABCP website, a link to which is below:

Is the information we discuss confidential?

Yes the information that is discussed in therapy sessions is confidential both during and after the end of therapy, with the following exceptions:

  • if you specifically request that I share the information with a third party then I would usually ask you to sign a  statement to that effect,
  • if you have been referred by a third party e.g. a healthcare provider, I would usually complete a report both at the beginning and end of therapy. I am happy to discuss this with you before I submit these reports.
  • I am required by my professional body, the BABCP, to see a clinical supervisor regularly and it is possible that your case may be discussed. My supervisor is also bound by the BABCP ethical standards to maintain confidentiality.
  • if I am required by law for instance The Children Act, 1989 or The Mental Health Acts, 1983 & 2007. Such instances may involve situations where I believe that you were involved in a crime, were likely to harm yourself or someone else, or where a child or vulnerable adult may be at risk of harm.

Is my data protected?

I am registered under the Data Protection Act, 1988 and adhere to the principles set out in the Act  with respect to storage of paper and digital data.  

What if I need to cancel a session?

You can rearrange a session up to 48 hours beforehand with no charge. If you cancel a session within this time the full amount of the session will be payable. If you have been referred by a third party the session would count as one of your allocated sessions.

Ideally I would prefer that you did not lose your session and in certain circumstances it may be possible to complete the session via Skype as an alternative to a face to face meeting. 

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